Management Resources We Recommend

There are a number of very valuable resources available in the form of Blogs, Forums, Websites and Programs of value to anyone concerned about Professional Development. Please visit any of the following based on your areas of interest.

Management Blogs

Great Leadership Dan a Blog that consistently produces management & leadership information.

Elegant Leadership a terrific resource by Sylvia Lafair, author of Don’t Bring It To Work

Positive Organizational Behavior a valuable Blog on all things Leadership by Bret Simmons

Management Forums

12 Manage a Forum with many professional choices by topic. Great source of connecting to your area of interest.

Educational Resources & Coaching

Leadership-And-Motivational-Training by Shelly Holmes:

Financial Crisis Financial Crisis Financial information portal.

Website Development Resources

Active Search Results (ASR) Internet Search Engine with ASR Page Ranking Technology

Other Business Services

Add Blue URL Directory Link Listing for Automobile Shopping

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