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Tuesday, 5:50 PM

Dear Fellow Manager:

Do you sometimes feel overwhelmed by all the responsibilities managing can place on you? Struggling to build and inspire your team?

As a successful manager, you have undoubtedly found yourself struggling to juggle numerous tasks at once while dealing with the pressures of keeping all the balls in the air. If you’re like most managers, you are expected to achieve more with less, something that can sometimes grow more difficult over time. You are expected to multi-task on an ongoing basis while continuing to motivate your employees.  If you are a “new” manager, the process is even more overwhelming…

This is a problem many managers face and one that is certainly understood. Effective delegation can be a challenge, but one that you can definitely take on by acquiring the right tools and management skills.

Take just a few minutes to review the Problems addressed & Benefits of our program below…it could make a huge difference in developing Advanced Management Skills that reach top performance.

Regards, Mike Moore

Executive Coach

management development problems

Here Are the Details

Fundamentals of Effective Delegation

Unless you have been well trained by an experience manager or executive that has performed well over a long period of time leading teams successfully your learning will likely fall short. Insufficient training in managing the work and performance of a business unit is at the root of many management problems.

Effectively assigning work to people is based on sound skills and techniques that must be mastered to develop a high-performance team that delivers time-after-time. 

The teaching sin our program, Management By Delegation, are based on years of experience by proven managers who have faced the challenges and frustrations of meeting and exceeding company goals and understand the difficulty of managing today.

Insufficient Training

Here is the harsh reality. Most managers were promoted to a management position based on their individual performance as a producer of work. They were top sales people, successful staff, most dependable technically in their area, etc. These credentials simply Do Not qualify people for the rigors, skills and challenges of going from “doer” to “manager.”

Even managers with some experience may not have mastered all the skills for top performance or have been assigned to a new team with different people and issues.  Without the complete training on all the fundamentals of delegating and managing work they find it difficult to adapt to new situations.

Under-performing Business Units or Teams

Most managers have a hard time admitting that their team is under-performing. They hold out that their team is doing just fine. Really? Compared to what? What standards do you set to reach the point where your team is known withing the company or industry as the bench mark for performance and success?

Learning the complete methods for managing a team, growing your people, motivating them to work as a team to achieve high-productivity and a reputation for outstanding achievement is reachable. 

Quickly & Effectively Planning and Executing Projects & Assignments

A core competency of highly effective managers is the ability to use advanced skills and techniques to Plan – Delegate – Manage projects and assignments.

These skill sets frame the central characteristics of highly successful managers with reputations as people who get important work done.

These are learn-able skills and activities that , when mastered, allow the manager to react quickly to construct plans and assignments, pick the right people and manage projects for outstanding results.

Implications for Your Success

Truth be told…whether you are an existing manager or a newly appointed one, your success is based on your ability to build a top flight team, plan and execute important assignments and motivate your people to the highest level of achievement possible.

Don’t fall short because you are missing important pieces of the art & science of managing for success.

Why accept the role of manager, which places great responsibility for building skilled and competent people and teams, if you are not hell bent on creating an environment where people thrive and produce outstanding results.

Believe me when I say that eventually lack of growth and outstanding results will catch up with any manager in a position of responsibility to lead a team of people.


Management By Delegation

Revealing the skills, techniques and methods that top managers and executives have mastered to build top performing teams and earn a reputation as someone who gets things done!

management by delegationMBDEbookCoverCropped to200x238

This program is getting results for those who want to gain advanced skills and are committed to building high performing teams.

leadership skills
management by delegation Buy Now!

…And Here is a Sampling of the Proven Skills and Techniques covered in the Management By Delegation Program

management by Delegation

problems in delegation

management skills

effective employee communications

advanced management skills

project management skills

delegation in management planning

conflicting priorities

successful project management

… and much MUCH more …

The Management By Delegation program gives you the complete inside track on developing a full skills set for managing people successfully, and even experienced managers will fill in the blanks that may be holding them back. So whilst others are wondering how you are getting better results,  you’ll be building a dynamic team and a reputation for getting important projects done.

And, to help you get even more out of this program, I’ve also created these ...



Look, I know if you get my management skills program in your hands and put it to use it could change your management life. I also know that if you’re like most people, you procrastinate. I know what it’s like to procrastinate, and I’ve missed out on a lot of great opportunities because of it.

I don’t want that to happen to you.

Therefore, I’m going to reward you for taking action and moving forward to realize your dreams of achieving top performance management.  With that said, I’ve created two special “fast action” bonuses. These are going to be available to the early birds who purchase within the next 7 days, or until 200 copies are sold…whichever comes first!

Bonus #1 Banner ebook_cover Lens of EE 250x331management by delegation


Bonus #2 Bannerebook_cover Action Guide

Bonus #3 BannerMini-Series Text 550x318

The simple truth is this: once you’ve completed your Management By Delegation Training, the way your “people management” abilities grow & grow will change your career success!

And that’s because you will be mastering and duplication the success of a number of Top Managers and Executives and my own knowledge garnered over 40+ years of both entrepreneurship and executive management in a top 25 Financial Institution.

Testimonial #2

If you are ready to take the next Step to Success…Access the Management By Delegation Program & Doubles Bonuses Here

There is so much success available to managers and executives who take their Skills to the Advanced Level.

The ability to plan, delegate and manage the work assignments and projects required to carry out your responsibilities are the core competency of outstanding Managers. Frankly, most people get to a Manager level based on individual performance and the ability to delegate effectively is assumed (both by the manager and the organization). Nothing could be farther from reality!

The majority of managers I have hired and trained were missing key skills, techniques and methods for delegating work and executing to perfection.

In fact, I have written about this extensively…

Publishing References

Articles and Blogs from the website have been widely published. Here are just a few organizations who have promoted our information:

In fact, I have written about the subject extensively…

ProArticle Daily


Drake Business Review

Drake REview

 Why This Program Works

No matter what your back ground, experience or position, advanced skills can make you even better.

Now you can take advantage of this unique offer.  It works because it is based on proven techniques developed and applied in the real world of business and industry to drive outstanding results.

Here’s what you’ll receive with your purchase of Management By Delegation – How To Delegate and Get Things Done.

Seven Key Steps to Get Things Done Through Others

Best Selection Techniques for Team Members

 How to build team unity and teamwork

 Learn how Not to Delegate & Avoid Costly Mistakes

 Master the most effective delegation techniques

 How to View delegation through the Lens of the Employee

 Uncover “what to say dialogue” examples from actual top manager experiences

…and much more!


This Program can change your Management Life…if You Let it!

The Management By Delegation Program and Free Bonuses are up-to-date and based on the advanced skills and methods of top managers and executives.

You are committed enough and willing to find ways to get better or you would not be here.  You understand from the details here that this gives you an edge over those who are unwilling to learn and grow. So, I know you are curious about the size of the investment to obtain the knowledge and high-impact learning this program offers.


Let Me Recap What’s Included with Your

Investment in the Management By Delegation Program…

Component - Value

Because you are investing with me in your Professional Development, I will not charge you $99.95

In fact, to help committed Managers get involved with our Plan-Delegate-Manage organization as a subscriber to this Program and access to other products and services at a huge discount, you won’t need to consider investing $70 or $50 or $30

Be Amazed

Yes, provided you are someone committed to professional development and participation in our management subscriber group, your investment in success will be a tiny, tiny…


Don’t Wait A Minute to Act

I Reserve the Right to Raise the Price at Any Time…

What Would Be the Smart Thing To Do, Right Now?

Reject the Offer (even though you have nothing to lose with our Guarantee)


Seize this Amazing Offer and Bonuses to access a proven program for management success, productivity and performance!

If you make the right decision and act now, then you will have access to the strongest set of fundamentals and advanced concepts for effective delegation and success. When your performance excels, your team’s productivity rises and you build a reputation as the manager who gets things done..that’s when you know you made the right decision today.

For less than a night out at the movies you can be well on the road to professional success.

Buy Now!
If you make the right decision now, then the magic day when your mailing list has just produced another record pay day won’t be far away. That’s when you’ll truly know you really DID make the right choice today…

So I’m really looking forward to welcoming you inside.


Michael D, Moore, Executive Coach


 P.S. You have my personal Guarantee. By applying the Skills and Techniques described in our program, you will quickly grow as a manager to the next level. Develop a reputation who executes who executes productively and get things done right. There are few reputations as valuable as showcasing these effective delegation skills. If you are not completely satisfied, I will refund 100% of your purchase price – no questions asked.

P.P.S. No matter what level of experience you have today, you will become even better and gain competency in assigning work and project actions. You will create a high-performance environment…but only if you take advantage of our Risk-Free opportunity.

P.P.P.S A number of successful managers and executives I have worked with have said…”delegate clear and meaningful goals, be specific, learn how to communicate so employees have a complete understanding and track everything to a successful conclusion.” there is simply no other integrated program like How to Manage By Delegation and Get Things Done for today’s busy, multitasking manager or executive.

Besides…if you are not 100% Satisfied with our program and how it helps you manage through effective delegation, simply return the program for a full refund. No questions or hassles.

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