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  • Master Advanced Management Skills to Delegate Authority, Control and Responsibility for Optimum Results and the Ability to Execute to Perfection with Effective Delegation.


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Tuesday, 5:50 PM

Dear Fellow Manager:

Do you sometimes feel overwhelmed by all the responsibilities managing can place on you?

As a successful manager, you have undoubtedly found yourself struggling to juggle numerous tasks at once while dealing with the pressures of keeping all the balls in the air. If you’re like most managers, you are expected to achieve more with less, something that can sometimes grow more difficult over time. You are expected to multi-task on an ongoing basis while continuing to motivate your employees.

This is a problem many managers face and one that is certainly understood. Effective delegation can be a challenge, but one that you can definitely take on by acquiring the right tools and management skills.

Take just a few minutes to review the Problems & Benefits of our program below…it could make a huge difference in developing Advanced Management Skills.

Regards, Mike Moore

Executive Coach

 It All Starts Here > The Problems

Perhaps you’ve tried many solutions, but haven’t met with the results you desire. Below are some of these solutions. Learn what they are and why they have not proven effective.

Lack of understanding where delegating is concerned

One of the biggest reasons why many suggested solutions don’t work is they are recommended by someone who hasn’t been in your shoes. This is a definite concern of managers who face the same problem as you.

A person who hasn’t experienced the day-to-day frustrations of achieving a great number of corporate or business goals all within a narrow time-frame simply won’t understand just how difficult it really is to implement a plan of action in a way that is both timely and systematic.

Likewise, this person would also have trouble fully understanding just how to build an effective team with a reputation for getting the job done. Now you have the distinct advantage of learning how to delegate from someone who has a proven track record of success in this area and can show you how it all works.

 • Lack of Training

Another problem managers often face is insufficient training. Becoming a successful manager and learning how to properly delegate responsibilities is not something taught at universities or offered in courses you can readily take upon getting the job. It is, instead, learned through experience on the job and with the help of mentors.

Training from other managers or supervisors may also provide you with the skills you’ll need to begin forming your own plans of action and putting them into place. Often times, managers are hired only to discover they aren’t receiving the proper training. By gaining the right tools and leadership skills, you’ll learn what to do about these problems and find yourself coming out ahead of the pack.

 • Unsuccessful Team Work

Teamwork Communication

Teamwork Quotient


Team work is essential in any business today. One of the biggest problems team members face is a lack of   understanding where the project is concerned. Successful delegation means explaining the assignment clearly and making sure each individual team member understands his or her role.

 Here clarity is crucial and the better you communicate, the easier you will be to understand. Make sure all time lines are clear and concise. This will serve to eliminate confusion surrounding these expectations so that projects are turned in on time and important productivity goals are met.

Missed Objectives

Missed objectives often occur when delegated priorities are mixed up or switched around. Managers today are required to handle a number of projects all at once which can cause priorities to change on a regular basis.

A priority review re-assessment process can help you keep all of them straight. This will also result in more effective management skills, delegating authority and team work.

• Difficulty Setting and Sticking To Time lines

Time lines are essential, but can be hard to maintain, especially when your team is working on several projects at once. You want to achieve maximum productivity in a timely manner, but find this a challenge. You are certainly not alone. Using milestones to accurately measure progress as you move along your time line will help you reach your stated objective on time.

Quickly Planning Projects and Delegating Assignments

One of the biggest challenges managers face on a regular basis is planning new projects and delegating assignments quickly. You have probably felt the pressure of setting up projects fast and making sure all duties are properly delegated so all projects are completed in a timely manner.

You are required to manage multiple responsibilities all at once, but this can prove quite a feat at times. The good news is there are several important steps you can follow to alleviate this problem and ensure all projects run smoothly.

Solutions and Benefits

Perhaps you have found yourself many times experiencing some of the problems mentioned above. The solutions sound easy enough, but when you stop to consider all you really are expected to do within a day and the time you actually have to do it in, you can see where problems can really develop.

The problems you read about above can be overcome by taking the following steps. These steps will help you achieve effective delegation whether you have been a manager for two months or two years.

  • Road Map to Max Productivity

    Road Map to Max Productivity

     Set A Visual Road Map

 Road Map to Max Productivity

Think of your solution as you would a journey. You will set your goals, then plan exactly how you will reach them. This will help you guard against distractions. By setting crystal clear visual road maps, you can see where each project left off and figure out the exact action that needs to be taken in order to begin working at that point again.

This will also help you keep track of multiple employees, projects and assignments, priorities and deadlines.

  • Obtain Advanced Training

Companies often don’t give managers comprehensive training on the art and science of successful effective delegation. That is where programs such as How to Delegate and Get Things Done can really help. Learn how to plan, delegate, what to say and how to manage your employees all in one convenient package at an unbeatable price. This is truly what managing by delegation is all about.


This program has already brought success to many managers who, like you, felt overwhelmed by the sheer amount of work they were expected to turn out on a daily basis. The testimonials speak for themselves as a proven track record of what can happen if the right tools and techniques are implemented successfully.

Pete says he couldn’t have picked a better program option:

“Your manual actually spoke to me; competing priorities, constant interruptions, lack of clear orders. It’s a quick and easy read…I couldn’t have picked a better option. I need to be able to do more strategic thinking and focus more on the vision of the organization and less on the tactical. This is the main reason I sought out your program. I have already put it into practice – it’s funny how it worked (using) using the 3-T’s (technique).”  Peter A. – Florida Executive


 “You are a true professional. You clearly get it and care about your team and understand the dynamics…” – Craig – Sales Manager

These testimonials were written by people who have tried this program and found success just by following the useful steps and information it contains. Now you can grab your copy today and begin implementing the best practices that will catapult you right up the executive ladder to success. It’s truly the ultimate career move, one that will allow you to reach your potential and exceed all former expectations.

Articles and Blogs from our Management By Delegation Website have been widely published. Here are just a few Publishers who have promoted our information…

  • ProArticle Daily
  • Management
  • Drake Business Review

“I am the Editor for a corporate magazine called the “Drake Business Review” (DBR) printed by Drake International ( Today I came across your website and have been reviewing your articles. I am interested in submitting your article  Leadership and Management – a People Centric Journey and …Changing Minds the Hallmark of Top Management Skills for our Publication.”

Anne CameronSmith
Editor, Drake Business Review & DBRDirect

  • The New Face Of Leadership, November 2011. Good Business Ideas Require Outstanding Execution

 The Benefits of Your Investment

This small investment will provide you with many important benefits. You will have the opportunity to review actual manager/employee discussions that demonstrate ways of approaching the best communications techniques. This will give you the real, practical experience you need to begin exploring ways of learning excellent management skills and implementing effective delegation.

You will also master ways of tracking assignments to view their status, figuring out the next steps that need to be taken and effectively following-up on the progress that has already been made. The proven techniques you learn will put you in control.

You will learn how to take better control of your work, your assignments, your people and your career. Managing by delegation will help you clear the path in front of you so you will no longer be overwhelmed by multiple tasks and deadlines. These best practices will help get you on that right road and keep you there. You will not only be planning for the here and now, but also for the future to come.

This is the opportunity to take your career into your own hands and make the changes that will help you gain the management skills that will bring you ultimate success. Furthering your career has never been easier. Simply click here to make your purchase of How To Delegate and Get Things Done and let your life-changing experience begin.

Why This Works

By now you have probably tried a good number of solutions, only to still find yourself frustrated and behind at the end of the day. Now you can take advantage of this truly unique offer. It works because it uses proven techniques taught to you by someone who has been in your shoes. You will learn the steps necessary to implement effective delegation while utilizing your management skills, leadership skills and delegating authority. Here’s what you’ll receive with your purchase of How To Delegate and Get Things Done.

  • Seven key steps to delegation necessary to get things done through others and why your career advancement depends on them. By gaining a complete picture of these steps, you will place yourself directly in control of managing others. This will enable you to build a reputation for getting the job done while also gaining the perspective of the importance companies are placing on effective delegation.
  • You will learn how to select team members, delegate tasks and get 100 percent buy-in while managing yourself and your business unit. This will help you establish a stellar reputation among colleagues, competitors and stakeholders as the best go-to person when a project needs to be completed both correctly and quickly.
  • You want unity among your team members. A team whose members work closely together and are truly committed to working toward the objective of the project will drive execution success. You are there to delegate because you know both the purpose and direction of the project. This enables everyone to come together in a way that will drive the success you need and desire.
  • You will also learn how to select which team members will complete which tasks and sub-tasks.It’s all about getting the job done quickly so there is a 100 percent buy-in every time. This is a core principle of this program and is a central component to the art and science of effective delegation.
  • Learn how not to delegate costly mistakes that will only sidetrack performing at the top of your game. Such mistakes can be avoided when you acquire an understanding and awareness of the mistakes made by most managers. This will enable you to lead your team to success. By quickly being able to spot the mistakes and pitfalls that cause less than productive delegation, you will see how learning how not to delegate is just as important as learning how to do so.You will use the best methods by learning through the trials and errors made by all managers. This important part of the process will allow you to avoid the same issues experienced by others. Now you can discover what these issues are before learning the hard way.
  •  Discover how to avoid sabotaging well-laid plans or projects that can destroy productivity and reputations. Now you can quickly identify the most pervasive delegation destroyers and learn what steps you can take to eliminate them. This will increase your productivity and control while you regain valuable time.
  • Effective delegation will enable you to plan work assignments both quickly and thoroughly while managing results. You will avoid lost time, less than acceptable project management, wasted employee work results and missed opportunities to coach your team and expand capabilities all around. Never again will you lose control of people, projects and priorities when you use the information contained in this program.
  • View delegation through the lens of the employee.This program will help you clearly understand how assignments will look to the members of your team. This will eliminate poor communications from occurring. When employees feel assignments are confusing or unclear, they won’t perform as well and the execution of the project is less than outstanding as a result.

    • As you learn how to master the key communication skills, employees will begin correctly executing assignments and your team will attain a positive attitude and the management results will soar. Your team members will adopt a sense of pride  from working under a manager who is accomplished and productive. People will want to be on your team. You will attract top flight talent to your business unit.

Now you can master the specific techniques for communicating delegated work assignments to employees. This program lays out exactly what the great managers of people have mastered – how to see work assignments through the lens of your employees. You will gain the ability to connect with your team and delegate work in the most productive ways possible.

The six proven core skills of successful people who manage by delegation that will generate confidence and results. You will gain absolute confidence in planning, delegating and managing teams and employees to achieve important business goals and objectives when completing projects. Your leadership abilities will escalate and people will recognize you as a manager who leads people to success.

You’ll learn what to say,, how to say it and when to turn up the heat as well as when to back-off. How to Manage By Delegation is your best resource and road map to further advancement. This unique program will provide exactly what you need to take your current level of experience and skills much higher. Most managers are forced to learn the hard way. When this occurs, things are missed and opportunities wasted. It is far too easy to get off track and go down the wrong road. There are very specific core skills for delegation management that make a big difference. This program will teach you how to master delegation skills that get things done.

You will acquire the perfect understanding of how the road map to maximum manager productivity allows the coordination of steps and sub-steps needed for success.

Your team members will support your leadership and employees will feel highly motivated to become a part of your team because you know exactly how to make it happen. “Click here” to take advantage of this unparalleled opportunity and begin delegating the right way.


In addition to the many lessons and skills you will receive when buying the program, you can also enjoy two great bonuses just by making your purchase online. These bonuses will provide many great benefits to you and they can be yours right now for free.

 Super Manager Bonus #1

 “Delegating Through The Lens of The Employee”

management skills, effective delegation

Lens of the employee delegation

You will receive double the benefit with this special bonus. This is our complete program on the skills, process and procedures for Managing by Delegation…Plus a unique training synopsis on the skills and techniques for communicating assignments through the “lens of the employee”. This is ideally suited for today’s highly productive managers who effectively visualize assignments as they will be seen by the employees. These concepts will significantly improve a manager’s delegation results.

 Delegating through the Employee’s Lens

If sold separately, Delegating Through the Lens of the Employee” would be priced at over $25.00. Now you will receive it for free just by making your purchase of the very successful program online.


 Super Manager Bonus #2

Plan Projects Quickly

Plan Projects Quickly

 “How to Lay Out Your Daily–Weekly Visual Action Plan and Get the Right Things Done”

 While hard copy planners and generic computer programs can help you stay on top of your daily-weekly plan, you will spend precious time entering and updating information and checking to make sure all tasks have been completed. It can be easy to miss several within the course of a day, so you need a way of keeping track of all you have to do that won’t cost you valuable time and effort.

  • The easiest way to keep up with it all is to lay it all out and check it quickly several times throughout the day on one simple view. Make it easier to modify the visual plan to meet your needs.  A successful daily-weekly activity plan contains several key elements. That is why it is important to plan them, note them and track them the right way.

 Plan Projects Quickly

  • This will help you achieve your goals more easily. It’s all about visualization. When they are laid out in a way that makes sense, you will find them much easier to follow and accomplish.


Your 100 percent Unconditional 365 Day Guarantee

 Take one full year to examine, learn and apply this complete program that teaches you how to master the best of management by delegation. This gives you 365 days to put this one-of-a-kind program into action. Plan, delegate and manage any project and team assignment you choose. This will give you the opportunity to:


leadershi and management


Test out the program and two free bonus offers.

• Implement the valuable keys to successful work management.

• Prove to everyone you are the manager who really knows how to get results.

Once you have learned the keys and techniques, mastered the skills and used the program in your business, you won’t want to send it back. The results will amaze you. That said, if, for any reason, you aren’t satisfied, or if the program does not live up to your expectations, you won’t lose a single penny. Just return the program and your payment will be refunded in full right up to the final day of the 365 day guarantee.

The keys to successful delegation are yours in just one easy step. Simply request the program by clicking on the “download” button and you will receive an E-mail containing the program “How to Manage By Delegation and Get Things Done” plus the two free bonuses. This program will serve as a truly valuable tool you won’t want to live without. Click today and begin enjoying staggering results tomorrow.

 Great Managers Take Action…You Simply Need To Do The Same Now!

Contact: Mike Moore

Telephone: 513 520-7177,or

e-mail at

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Mike Moore – Executive Coach

P.S. You have my personal Guarantee. By applying the Skills and Techniques described in our program, you will quickly grow as a manager to the next level. Develop a reputation who executes who executes productively and get things done right. There are few reputations as valuable as showcasing these effective delegation skills. If you are not completely satisfied, I will refund 100% of your purchase price – no questions asked.

P.P.S. No matter what level of experience you have today, you will become even better and gain competency in assigning work and project actions. You will create a high-performance environment…but only if you take advantage of our Risk-Free opportunity.

P.P.P.S A number of successful managers and executives I have worked with have said…”delegate clear and meaningful goals, be specific, learn how to communicate so employees have a complete understanding and track everything to a successful conclusion.” there is simply no other integrated program like How to Manage By Delegation and Get Things Done for today’s busy, multitasking manager or executive.

Besides…if you are not 100% Satisfied with our program and how it helps you manage through effective delegation, simply return the program for a full refund. No questions or hassles.


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