Successful Managers Use Methods & Instincts

Key management skills involve techniques, procedures and basic tools to delegate effectively. Combine these with “instincts” and the results will be leadership and execution.

Management By Delegation stresses the use of advanced management skills and techniques. But this does not ignore the managers insights and judgement’s, particularly as it regards their people. This is a terrific combination…skill and insights.

What are the keys to powering a manager’s instincts in order to create high-productivity and enhanced performance?

Here is your opportunity to Gain this Advanced Technique.

[wp_socialsend message=”Unlock Content PLUS Claim Your Free Gift” link=””]The fundamental precept here is to to embrace the steps all managers can take to super-charge their instincts so they are ready to use and apply in executing important assignments. There are very specific actions a manager can take to prepare themselves. The pay-off is huge in business unit performance and management excellence.

1. Individual Employee Skills Assessment: It seems simple enough but not done enough, know your people’s skills set. We are not talking about some surface level understanding. Making a detailed assessment of exactly what skills each employee has and then as much as possible, how deep and complete is the skill? Example: one employee knows the basics of their companies proprietary software but has not mastered the advanced and full range of it’s application. Armed with this understanding, the manager may not call upon this employee in a critical situation where the software was needed.

2. The “Reliability Factor”. the manager has maintained good file history of each employees performance on important assignments. Does a particular employee always bring the assignment in on time or do they often miss deadlines or have issues over-coming obstacle. When the chips have been down ion the past, how has each employee fared?

3. Teamwork Quotient. Some employees are very good teammates. They flourish when working with others. they offer help and assistance and are good cheerleaders for others. Other individuals are much more productive working alone and independently. They are not patient with others on team assignments. Knowing the teamwork quotient can be an important insight to have when delegating the action steps of a project.

4. Stress Management. As individuals, we all deal with stress differently. Some people just can’t handle stressful situations. Other people seem to rise to the occasion and can cope with stress. There are a few people who actually thrive on pressure and can excel when the pressure is high. A manager who understands how each member of the team handle pressure will allow them to make the right assignments in anticipation of problem assignments.

5. Personal & Family Situation. People do not operate in a vacuum. While it is easy to say that people should leave their personal issues and home and not take work issue home, life happens. It would be remiss for a good manager not to keep a pulse on what outside factors are affecting their people. If someone has a sick child at home, you can expect their focus to stray and distractions to put them off their game.

Making Employee Engagement a Priority

The important factor here is the manager’s complete engagement with everything surrounding each and every employee. This is a professional level attitude and commitment. The manager gets an important assignment or project. A solid action plan is put in place and time-lines and status report dates. All resources are scheduled or allocated. The manager then uses their insights initially in the selection of the employees to work on each takes or action step[/wp_socialsend]

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