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Discover the newest Personal Productivity Tool to simplify your work!

  • Why be over-whelmed with notes scrapes of paper or expensive stick notes all over the place?
  • Modern American ingenuity has done it again.

FINALLY: You can Simplify Your Notes and To Do Slips and Unclutter your Desk! Meet the JUSTICK …Electronic Adhesion Desk Easel

Get Organized & Clean-up the Paper!



For too many years now, we have all been wasting time and energy writing important notes, phone numbers, the next best idea and reminders on scraps of paper spread all over the place.

And…it was not very long ago that we started spending hard earned cash on those sticky notes, that stick everywhere but can’t be easily taken with you (too, well..sticky!) and get lost just as easily.

How to keep your Notes & Slips of Paper handy & not messy.

Business people, staff, executives, all of us are super busy doing more with less. We are on the go and are constantly jotting down ideas on note-pads or sticky notes and it doe not take long to have things pasted all over the place.

Notes get lost or stuck in a paper clip of fall into the wrong folder. Sticky notes stick to the wrong report or to the back of a file folder off of your desk and then you pull your hair out trying to locate that important phone number or that great idea you want to implement.

Finally, an inventive firm has developed the ideal solution. A way to:

 Make notes and place them right where you will find them when needed.


 Get rid of the clutter and have an organized and effortless way to position them.


A productivity tool that sets up in visual display but does not take up desk top room or get in the way.


Introducing… The Cutting Edge JUSTICK

managment skills productivity

 “…A System So Easy & Technologically Advanced…Your Productivity will Improve Immediately!

Here is the truly amazing technology, Static Electricity! You heard it right. The Justick Desktop Easel uses static electricity to make your notes, cards and materials adhere to the Easel.

This system is so easy, it can be implemented immediately…

No pins * No glue * No magnets * Just science * Justick™

  • Justick is a patented and award winning electro-adhesion technology that offers a revolutionary new solution for a variety of display needs.

  • The patented system is less than 1mm thick…but firmly holds paper, laminates, photos, business cards and even plastics in various office, commercial, advertising and educational applications.

  • Justick holds display items over the entire contact surface, affixing them firmly without the need for pins, glues or magnets…they just stick!

  • After many years of research and development, Justick is introducing this unique new electro-adhesion technology to the North American market.

  • Ideal as a copy holder and personal organizer for desk or counter use.

  • Can be used at the Reception Desk or Security counter.

  • Use Justick on the Podium to hold your presentation outline notes

 Desk Top Dynamo

The Best Ideas Are Always the Simplest

  •  Ideal as a copy holder and personal organizer for desk or counter use.
  • Holds paper sheets, business cards, receipts, notes, photos, recipes and even plastics, such as CD’s or credit cards
  • No pins, tape or magnets to damage objects


Versatility – Holds Almost Anything

  • Hold materials flat over the entire surface ensuring superior viewing

  • Eliminate the need pins, glue, tape or magnets
  • The unit is completely re-usable during their extended lifespan

  • Justick will retain it’s adhesive capabilities over time

  • Save costs by eliminating those messy stick

  • Totally handy making the placing, movement or removal of notes and paper easy

  • Very lightweight and easily moved to where you need

  • The Justick surfaces are non-tacky and easy to clean

 No Plug-in to a Wall Socket!

 The Justick unit is simply powered by compact AA batteries (or optional AC power supply)

Many Productivity Uses for Justick

Justick Desktop ~ a versatile table-top unit perfect to use as a desk organizer, script holder, advertising display, corporate gift and much more.

 management skills productivity

Desk Top Organization

And We’re Not Done Yet..

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“The best part of Justick for me is how I can place 1 order sheet or 20 and I never have an issue with them falling or dropping. The electronic adhesion keeps the first piece securely attached as well as any piece of paper added on top.” Jen R. Ohio


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