Establishing Your Career Objectives Starts the Journey to Success

Discovering the keys to career development starts the 5 steps in defining the objectives.  The basis of a complete career development objective is to set really clear and meaningful goals.  These goals are based on an assessment of where you are to day and where you are headed.

Sample Career Development plans

Once the objectives are established, adding them into a Career Development Plan is much easier.  The following is a sample of what a career plan looks like and you will see many references to “objectives.”

career planningSource: Photo on Slide Share / Source Google Images

The 5 Steps for Setting Career Objectives

  1. Establishing your Values, both personally and professionally, is step one.  Your career objectives need to be a direct outgrowth of your value system.  If there is not alignment, there will be conflict.
  2. Define and pinpoint the exact Action Steps you will need at every phase to support your career growth to achieve goals.
  3. List your “short term” goals and the corresponding action steps, generally less than a one year time frame.
  4. These are followed by “intermediate range” goals and action steps. As in the example above, the time frame for these are 2- 5 years in duration.
  5. Long term goals and action steps, build on the short and long term and are the vision of where you can be over five years out and what you will pursue then.

Flexibility is required, particularly at the intermediate and long term levels as things change.  Modifications, within the frame-work of your long term objectives, will need to be made…but stay true to your values.

Sources for Career Development Improvement

The more knowledge and resource you can access the better plan and result your will obtain. The act of actually sitting down, jotting down your career objectives and then refining you list is a core competency to the process. We found a good resource to dig into this a little better…

How To Answer The “What Are Your Career Goals?” Question – Business 2 Community
“Business 2 Community How To Answer The “What Are Your Career Goals?” Question Business 2 Community. If you’re at the start of your career, the career goals question can be a bit of an overwhelming one because you’ve probably not really thought about what you want from your career long-term – so preparing for this question gives you the perfect chance …

When considering your career aims, it’s always a good idea to try and break it down into more sizable chunks and consider what you’d like to achieve from each section of your career or job.

Think about what you’d like to achieve in five years (if you’re at the start of your career this could be to learn lots and establish yourself within an industry, in 10 years (this might be take up a senior management position) and in 20 years (this could be to become a company director and/or start up your own business).”

Additional Career Planning Resources

You can change and evolve in the direction you desire because your brain can change. For those who dismiss planning, working to learn and change, need to spend 18 minutes listening to Dr. Lara Boyd. It is a bit technical but if you listen, you will have great motivation to plan and change the direction of your life as you plan and develop.



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