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Businesses can win in the difficult market conditions today but are facing the talent road-block. Can they find the best people and retain them? The way to achieve this position is to develop a laser-like approach to talent. When managers and executives have created a business replete with the most skilled people, they place themselves in the ideal spot to execute for results. Building your business with a core commitment to people development puts the company in the talent drivers seat. Lack of attention to training and development puts the business behind the competitive eight-ball against the competition.

The premise here is referred to as “building depth” in all the individual’s on the team. If a manager has too many weak spots in the talent of the team, the ability to complete new tasks successfully is impaired. Assignments fall behind schedule or stretch out because the needed skills or knowledge are not in place when needed. The manager may have to spend more money to go outside for contract specialists to get the job done. The expense increases to execute where the abilities are not in place. Work has to stop to make quick upgrades in the abilities of the team and the outcomes may not be as good.

Constant Development of The Team Produces Permanent Benefits

For a manager to be in the best position to complete important work assignments, hiring talented people and increasing the talents of existing staff are the keys. The ever increasing development of the business unit helps to put the manager in a position to pursue important assignments. The manager has the confidence of knowing the team is prepared for the task at hand. While a business unit may never have 100% of the needed know-how, they will be close enough to gain what is needed in short order.

New hires have more help and assistance available on a solid bench-strength team. The training orientation of constant learning and focus on growth places new people in a “quick study” environment. The new and less experienced team members start off with the right attitude about growth and development because the culture of the team is based on it. The manager is able to attract better people because of the reputation for high-performance and people development for this team. People like to be part of a winning unit. The manager who invests in development is paid back many times over by just in being able to attract new talent alone.

training and development

Managers must expect growth from every member of the team!

Absolutely Expect Growth from Every One

Building team belief and self-confidence is made possible by a business that expects growth from everyone. Increased team morale is a direct by-product. The self-respect of the business unit is sustained at a higher level. Each victory in executing assignments by the team leads to more success. The well-trained veterans on the team are in place and ready to help others grow and develop. The senior people within the unit can assist the manager on a day-today basis to direct newer members along. The manager can count on their best people to make sure the new employee stays on course to add to the abilities of the team.

Managements Commitment to Growth

Creating depth requires a commitment to growing people. You get what you expect here. Best to expect growth. The manager can not wave a magic wand and all of a sudden get high-performance. Developing the abilities of the business unit must be inherent in the philosophy of the company. This depth of ability on the team comes about by seeing every project or assignment as having learning opportunities within. Projects and tasks provide a platform to do the work and grow at the same time. By building well-trained people, you have automatic trainers within the team. Mentors are created. This attitude must be a core value.

Winning the Talent Challenge

For a company or business to win the people talent challenge, a total commitment to the growth and development mantra is required. A business known for expecting growth and developing talent garners a reputation that brings people to the company. A business unit that absolutely expects constant improvement in abilities places the manager in a very strong position to pursue important work. The manager, and the business unit itself, will have created a “can do” culture. There is no getting around this fact, the consistent focus on growing the skills and abilities of each individual, expecting significant improvement, yields a company that can delegate work for effective results.

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