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It may seem obvious that attention to details when planning and executing project management is a basic management skill. The very essence of effective delegation and project execution is based on this focus. It is a core management skill and basic responsibility.

Given the obvious, why do so many managers lose that focus?

Effective delegation management depends on it. Taking  an eye off the “attention to detail ball” has many causes.  It is important to explore these roadblocks in order to cope with them and over-come the distractions needed for execution excellence.

  • Any manager has more than their share of interruptions. Their own To Do list is a mile long. Deadlines abound and the meeting upon meeting pattern takes too much time.
  • These interruptions and distractions are an all to regular part of the management weather forecast. It goes with the territory. It’s part of the game. That said, it does not have to be a reason for losing the attention to detail.
  • Attention To Detail

    The advantages of attention to detail are many. Keeping important assignments and projects on track depends on constant scrutiny.  Losing focus on the progress track or time-line for even short periods can result in problems and delays. The team loses the momentum so important to high productivity results.

  • Opportunities for coaching people up or implementing corrective actions are lost when focus goes missing. These are not trifling side issues. They are at the heart of leadership and management effectiveness. there is not a busy manager out there who does not struggle with the interruptions issue. It takes discipline and an organized approach to time management to cope.  Allowing poor time management and organization to take away management focus, is a path to productivity problems.

The “Velocity Of Execution” for Managers

The issue of problems and delays in the execution of assignments and projects is a real problem. A manager’s job is to create a Velocity of Execution to accelerate results. Lose sight of any important detail and things derail. Lost momentum is lost productivity. Managers are paid, and promoted, to increase productivity, not let it drop. The manager that builds a tight project plan of action, and then delegates the assignments effectively, is off to the right start. Next, comes relentless attention to detail. Tracking, monitoring, and directing the execution depends on attention to project details.

Loss of coaching opportunities may be the most costly. Coaching people up is among the highest and best contributions a manager can make. One of the best management skills in coaching people, is to find the opportunities in real time. when someone needs help or makes a mistake. Quick intervention, when things are fresh, has the highest impact. People grow and gain confidence in the manager who is right on top of what’s happening.

All of this is based on the management skill of attention to detail. Getting on top of this and leading is a matter of attitude. The best managers are focused and know exactly where they need to be.

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