Delegation & Trust Relationships

All managers must build trust relationships with employees. They are crucial. A manager needs to be someone who can be counted on to protect and guide the people under them. If she or he is not, their business or department will very quickly succumb to chaos. Workers are often hired to do one thing. They are expected to perform that one task very well. Whether it is waiting tables, folding towels or operating a cash register, their single, or most important, task should be their primary focus.

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For the average entry-level employee, managing the daily operations of the company is too much responsibility. They need to focus on their specific tasks. They should have faith that their manager will handle the job of running the business unit or department or the company as a whole .If the workers do not think their manager will perform that way, chaos will ensue. It is scary to try to complete tasks when you do not believe in your manager. You may try to get on his or her good side to stay out of trouble. You could be frozen in indecision or not take appropriate action. People unsuccessfully do that out of desperation for some sense of order.

Faith in Your Manager

When people do not have faith that their manager will fulfill his responsibilities, things can get ugly in a hurry. If you are the one in charge, it is essential that you get your employees to believe in your actions. You should follow through on the directions you give and the discipline policies you create. There can be no exceptions. You should follow through on your policies with every employee. This is how you get them all to have faith in you. Managers must build trust relationships with employees to keep the company running smoothly.

An employee is hired for his or her specific task. They must feel free to perform it. If they do not believe in the people above them, they may try to take on their role(s). When a worker believes that the people over them will follow through on their words, they will trust in the directions they give. Those honest relationships will cause any business to thrive.

Written By: Michael D. Moore, executive coach and author of the e-books, “Management By Delegation” and “Delegating Through the Lens of the Employee”, leads the Plan-Delegate-Manage organization bringing real world experience and proven skills and tools to managers world wide.  A veteran Insurance & Banking executive, Mike brings 40+ years of proven experience in building high performance teams and managers.



Michael D. Moore is the publisher of Management By Delegation and is a veteran executive with 40+ years in the Banking and Insurance Industries. A devoted entrepreneur, using his business experience to provide resources for managers and leaders at all levels. For the last 5 years, he has built a growing web presence for helping people with personal and professional development. To learn more about these advanced concepts & join our group Click here 5 Must Have Management Skills

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