Manager – Staff Communication for Projects

Part of effectively delegating assignments surrounds the need for two-way communication between the Manager and the Employee receiving the assignment.  Where the delegated assignment has higher complexity, requires higher team work or has a “mission critical” deadline or milestone, the Manager may need to require feedback from the Employee.  During the execution of the assignment, the Manager can have specified feed-back requirements or conditional feed-back requirements.

Key Feedback Suggestions

Specified feedback requirements would layout for the employee the specific item(s) that would require feedback. Examples:

  • When a specific milestone date is reached
  • When a draft is completed
  • When research data has been collected

Conditional Project Feedback Events

Conditional feedback involves certain events occurring that trigger feedback to the manager.  Examples:

  • If a delay or problem occurs.
  • If resources are not available as scheduled.
  • If some specific result is expected but does not occur.

The point is to empower the Employee as much as possible but to be able to have expectations for feedback clearly set out with the assignment.



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