Manager & Employee Communication

One of the most significant impediments to effective delegation involves the “communication”, or lack thereof, between the manager and the employee. While it is basic to say that both parties have a responsibility to both communicate and listen, the process vary often breaks down. Time is wasted and productivity suffers.

Management skill development needs to pay attention to the process of communication, particularly in the context of assigning important work. The most immediate road block is a simple lack of awareness by the manager that they could do a better job of the delegation-communication process. This could be Ego getting in the way or simply a case of ¬†“you don’t know what you don’t know.” Whatever the cause, getting better at the process involves three areas.

First, the manager needs to either be aware that they need to improve, or be committed to improve, as part of self-initiated development. Second, a willingness to master some basic techniques to get better at delegating work. And last, come to grips with the fundamental principal that communication in the management delegation context is a function of “delegating through the Lens of the employee.” ¬†This requires more than a passing knowledge of the unique characteristics of each individual in the business unit. A manager must work to understand as much about what makes each person “tic” as possible. This takes time and the pay-off in increased productivity is awesome.


Michael D. Moore is the publisher of Management By Delegation and is a veteran executive with 40+ years in the Banking and Insurance Industries. A devoted entrepreneur, using his business experience to provide resources for managers and leaders at all levels. For the last 5 years, he has built a growing web presence for helping people with personal and professional development. To learn more about these advanced concepts & join our group Click here 5 Must Have Management Skills

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