Authority Delegation

Delegating Authority – A Core Leadership Skill

Discover the Key Techniques to Effectively Delegate Authority & Manage for Results

Is the process of effectively delegating authority a Road Block to productive business management? Uncover real world strategies and eliminate troublesome impediments on your road to effective delegation management!

Master Advanced Skills to Delegate Authority, Control and Responsibility for Optimum Results and the Ability to Execute to Perfection.

Top Managers use Professional Skills and Techniques to get highly productive results by using effective Delegation of Authority. Empower Employees and managers alike and get important strategies and business initiatives  executed effectively.  You can quickly master the Proven Skills and Procedures of Top Managers. Plan-Delegate-Manage your way to business success.

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FROM: Michael D. Moore

Dear Fellow Manager:

If any of the following circumstances apply to you…this program will absolutely help:

  • Are you a Manager or Executive expected to achieve business results through others?
  • Someone who must determine how much authority & control to delegate?
  • Achieve any number of corporate or business goals by planning & executing projects?
  • Initiate important project management assignments by empowering your team?
  • Build an effective team with a reputation for getting things done?

If so, your challenges are many. The more you can fully engage your business unit with the proper balance of authority and control, the greater the results you can produce and the quicker you can advance or achieve your career goals.

The principles required to Plan, Delegate and Manage, referred to as the “Big Three” for management of important projects and assignments, all require careful and effective sharing of authority.

Of these Big Three, How to Delegate and Get Things Done through Others is the absolute key to a managers success…bar none, nothing else is even close.  Delegating authority is an integral key to success.

You are very likely one of today’s super busy managers.  You deal with multiple projects, people & goals.  Your people need the authority to carry out tasks and assignments and the process presents challenges for you.

  • Are you concerned with finding better way to get things done through your team and assign the right level of authority? Complicated solutions just don’t work…period. Do you have time for anything that adds to the problem or creates more work?
  • You may be faced with projects, assignments and new objectives that can come at you hot and heavy. Are the skills and tools to Plan quickly and determine the level of empowerment are critical?
  • Frustrated with lack of training resources and information to deal with empowering today’s diverse workforce? You realize the need for better inter-personal skills and techniques to assign work to your group of employee
  • You are concerned that you must think projects through very fast, lay out a draft, determine the level of authority to assign, stay on top, follow-up.  These are the keys to effective delegation.

The benefits of a process that empowers you and empower others to achieve more and manage people to execute are significant to your results and your career and your business.

Experience Is A Great Teacher…Mentors Are The Best Instructors

In my 40+ years of business experience, many great and venerable leaders and mentors have contributed to my growth, learning, knowledge and success. I have truly “stood on the shoulders of giants.” My goal is to share this knowledge with You. Positive feedback from those I am coaching is the reward for all I’ve learned.

Among my greatest professional joys have been opportunities for coaching and mentoring other managers & supervisors. That is why I decided to share a program, based on the absolutely best ideas, skills, tools and knowledge acquired in the day-to-day trenches of business.

  • During my career, I have built nine key business teams while recruiting over 160 sales & marketing people and while developing more than 10 executives who have gone onto successful management careers. The ability to assign work and the Authority to carryout assignments has been a requirement for success and advancement in every single case…no exception.
  • I have been lucky to have learned and worked with some of the very best. The resulting process of studying and gathering the best techniques used by successful manager and to share them with others.

These skills and techniques for Effective Delegation management have been tested in the real world of business and are working for many other managers & executives.

Pete says he couldn’t have picked a better Program option!

“Your manual actually spoke to me; competing priorities, constant interruptions, lack of clear orders. It’s a quick and easy read…I couldn’t have picked a better option. I need to be able to do more strategic thinking and focus more on the vision of the organization and less on the tactical.  This is the main reason I sought out your program. I have already put it into practice – its funny how it worked (using ) the 3-T’s (technique).”  Peter A. – Florida Executive

What others say:

“You are a true professional.  You clearly get it and care about your team and understand the dynamics…” – Craig – Sales Manager

Sharing the Keys to Successful Delegation

There is a process for successful delegation that includes assigning the proper level of authority to your team.  Key skills & techniques required to be productive with those you manage. Experience has allowed me to master managing with these skills and I will share them with you.  

  • I have provided extensive coaching to managers and executives operating in the stress and demands of real life business challenges.
  • It is rewarding to observe first-hand the achievements of others resulting from sharing these skills and concepts.
  • This program works at all levels from new managers to established executives. Sharing this information with you can result in big leaps in your productivity.

Here is what one successful executive has to say about the issues covered and resolved by our program…”Managers who experience trouble with making quality work assignments usually don’t delegate with clear goals and expectations (including authority).” But how do you do that?

Here are the 7 Most Common Problems that are caused by ineffective Delegation:

1. Your team is experiencing a lack of individual or team execution of project assignments or tasks.

If your team is unsure about what exactly what level of control they have, how could you expect them to succeed?

You need to make sure every assignment is clear & has specifics parameters for the authority needed for each person’s role.  There are proven techniques to achieve clarity.

2. Learning How Not To Delegate in managing your employees and assignments.

Confusion about assignments and timetables about what people Can & Can Not do, are at the root of missed deadlines and failure to deliver the results required.

A specific assignment process, allowing you to see all the moving parts and the level of control each person is given, is one way to overcome misunderstandings & improve productivity.

3. Any mix-up on delegated priorities can result in missed objectives. When priorities change does the level of control assigned change too?

You need to manage a number of projects and assignments with your team and priorities can change frequently…it’s the nature of business today.

You can gain control by utilizing a priority review assessment process including the levels of authority to be maintained.

4. Lack of clear communications for important projects and assignments.

Employee surveys point out the problems they feel when a manager is unclear or confusing when communicating assignments.  How much authority and control does the employee have for the assignment.  Delegating through the eyes of your team is a key.

One technique, identify how each employee processes communication and their unique approach to work and assign work on this basis.

5. Where do you learn the most important management skills…really?

Often the important core skills for effective work management including the techniques of assigning authority, are not taught in Universities or in Corporate training programs. Managers are expected to learn on the job.

One really good technique is to master is a Visual Focus Method to keep assignments and the application of granted authority  front-of-mind. Are these principles available to all responsible managers?

6. How best to set project time lines & milestones for maximum productivity?

If you find yourself challenged to achieve maximum productivity with your team, and projects expected of you.  Believe me you are not alone.

There is a best practice way of setting up your projects with specific milestones throughout the project time line to accurately measure progress.  You can then reach your stated objective on time and to plan.

7. How to meet the challenges of quickly & competently Planning Projects & Delegating assignments with the needed Level of Control?

If you are under pressure often to get new assignments planned quickly and underway and you can’t get that project set up fast…you will not show results in managing multiple responsibilities.

A key solution includes several important steps. One valuable technique is to have a regular way to “circle backto people and a process for On-the-Run Check-ups.

You can guard against not effectively outlining levels of control and tasks by setting up crystal clear Visual Road Maps of where assignments fit and what Control is granted.

Visual Maps

Frustration, stress and poor execution, are caused by the overwhelming challenge of keeping track of multiple employees…multiple assignments…multiple priorities and multiple deadlines.

You can become Overwhelmed with planning projects and work assignments. Frustrated with the perceived inability of employees to get work done on time and exactly as requested.

Companies don’t give new and experienced managers much, if any, proven, comprehensive training on the art & science of successful employee work management delegation.


How to Delegate Authority and Get Things Done – Today’s Answer for the High Productivity Manager

I have a proven solution for you…

...a complete In-depth program for today’s busy manager of business teams that gives you How to Plan, How to Delegate, What to Say and How to Manage.  A highly successful and tested process for you to manage by delegation.

  • You will master how to track assignments for status, next steps & follow-up with proven techniques that put you in control.
  • You will deal more effectively with the challenges most managers face…expected to do more and more and more!
  • You will be better equipped to deal with the Productivity Mantra of today’s business environment. Do you really think the Global Economy and recovery in the business market is going require less going forward?

I am sure You have heard what most Managers have…”you need to get more productivity out of your people, come up with new an more innovative (products, systems, services, etc.), and cut expenses, drive results”.  Sound all to familiar? Are you going to remain overwhelmed, stressed, misaligned with your goals & priorities, stuck in a management traffic jam? Or will you take better control of your work, your assignments, your people and your career and get execution on the right road? You can and You will when you know:

How the Big three elements of successful management work together to drive results.

How to quickly lay out an assignment or business project, with appropriate control, and get on point in no time

Which team member to assign sub-tasks to quickly, with appropriate levels of authority. Get their 100% buy-in every time.

The specific skills and techniques for communicating delegated work assignments with employees.

What to say, how to say it and when to turn up the heat…or back-off.

How to know exactly where each task, assignment and deadline is at any moment and what to do next.

How to manage Yourself and establish an ever increasing reputation among colleagues, competitors and stakeholders as the best person at getting things done.

How to Manage By Delegation, is your best resource and Road Map to further advancement. This unique Program provides you with exactly what you need to take your current skills and experience to a much higher level.

  • You will quickly see what specific mistakes and pitfalls are causing less than productive delegation. Seeing clearly How Not to Delegate is an important step in learning the best methods.
  • This program lays out exactly what the great managers of people have mastered – how to see work assignments through the Lens of Your employees. You will be able to master the ability to connect with your team and delegate work in the most productive ways possible.
  • This program lays out the path to maximum manager productivity. It is repeatable time after time. You Plan it…You Delegate it,,You Manage it. You lead your team to consistent results.
  • Quickly identify the most pervasive delegation destroyers. Learn exactly what to do to eliminate them. You will increase your productivity and control and re-gain valuable time. .

Best Practices for Managing By Delegation – Clear the Road Blocks & Stop Being Overwhelmed by Multiple Tasks and Deadlines


You’ll Benefit & Learn:

Key Steps to Delegation necessary to get things done through others and why your career advancement depends on them.

  • A complete picture of the Steps will put you in control of managing others and you will build a reputation for getting things done. Gain the perspective of the importance companies place on getting things done through others.

How Not to Delegate – Gain a clear understanding of these issues and eliminate mistakes that block productivity.

  • Learn to avoid sabotaging well laid plans simply by avoiding the most common pitfalls including defining the level of authority & control to be granted.
  • An enhanced ability to quickly and thoroughly Plan Work Assignments and manage results by effective delegation. Gain a reputation for getting results quickly and be the “go to” manager.

How to view Delegation through the Lens of the Employee.  Learn how how assignments look to your team or employees and avoid mis-communications.

  • When employees feel assignments are unclear or confusing, they simply don’t perform as well. Poor project execution results.

  • As you master the key communication skills, employees will correctly execute assignments, attain a more positive attitude and your management results soar.

  • Your team will feel a sense of pride that comes from working under an accomplished and productive manager.  People will want to be on your team.  You will attract top flight talent to you.

The Six Proven Core Skills of successful people who manage by delegation. Build a reputation for great execution.

Road Map to Max Productivity

  • You will gain absolute confidence in planning, delegating and managing employees and teams to achieve important business projects and objectives. Your leadership abilities will escalate and people will recognize you as a manager who leads people to success.
  • You will acquire the perfect understanding of of how the Road Map to Maximum Manager Productivity allows the coordination of steps and sub-steps. Your employees and team members will be supportive of your leadership and highly motivated to be a part of your team because You Know How to Make It Happen! You have the Road Map to Max Productivity
  • The working parts of the road map are absolutely definable. You will become very competent at Project execution. You will acquire the ability to plan all necessary step in a project plan and integrate with effective delegation to your employees.
  • The best delegation plans allow for the unexpected…an early warning system to alert you to problems.

You will gain Mastery. The How to Manage By Delegation Program puts you in absolute control.  You hold the Macro Vision understood by exceptional managers that build great reputations..

  • You will benefit by learning about this Macro Vision and how it creates patterns showing how the people, plans and project assignments integrate. You will hold the Key.
  • People will gravitate to your leadership. They will want to be a part of any team or assignment You are managing because of their confidence in your Vision and proven ability to Execute.

Develop the Proven Skills for outstanding communications to delegate work and significantly improve results. See work the way your employees see it. Be a leader of choice for high productivity teams.

Stop Missing Opportunities to Execute and Get Things Done…Manage by Delegation…Build a reputation as someone who knows how to Execute and get results.

Managing multiple projects, multiple priorities and multiple people can become so overwhelming at times. You just don’t see the many missed opportunities lost to you.

Avoid lost time, less than acceptable project management, wasted employee work results and missed opportunities to coach and grow your team’s capabilities.

You will never again lose control of People, Projects and Priorities using the information in this Program.

You will gain the key principles leading to a significant increase in employee productivity and execute strategies to meet your goals.

My 40+ Years of Experience & Association with the Top Executives Will Be Available Every Time You Delegate.

Mastery Creates Confidence, Employee Morale and a Reputation for Getting Things Done.

Here’s the best news of all…you are here at absolutely the right time to take advantage of our comprehensive offer.  These skills and techniques have proven to work based on real world experience.

The principles and resources of our Management By Development Program have worked for many others. It is our mission to provide these skills to as many managers as possible…to raise the bar of the management profession. This unique program is packed full of Value.

If you order How to Manage by Delegation and Get Things Done online now, it’s yours risk-free for what I believe is a fair and affordable price. I truly believe you can’t lose with this proven program. Compare the acquisition of knowledge in our battle tested program to the true cost of just one poorly delegated assignment or to the loss of results and reputation when projects are not well executed. Think about the Value of quickly building advanced skills and earning a reputation as a get it done leader.

  • You have my personal assurance these skills and techniques will make you a better Manager and help you get to the next level in managing people and projects. Enhance you Reputation as a Get It Done Manager.
  • You will Save valuable time in managing people and assignments, Reduce Frustration as You balance multiple projects and Eliminate Mistakes by your employees as they try to carry out your work and action step assignments.
  • Finally, because I really want You to benefit from the many lessons and skills packed into our program, I want you to receive   2 additional Free Bonus offers if you will order on-line now.

Super Manager Bonus #1

“Delegating through the Lens of the Employee”

You receive double the benefit with this special Bonus…our complete program on the skills, process and procedures for Managing by Delegation…Plus a unique training synopsis about the skills and techniques for communicating assignments through the “Lens of the Employee”

Group Visual Communication

Delegating through the Employee’s Lens

Ideally suited for today’s highly productive managers who effectively visual assignments as the Employee will see them.

These concepts will significantly improve a managers delegation results.  Sold separately, “Delegating through the Lens of the Employee” alone would be priced at $25.00 or more!

A survey of top executives in successful corporations received an “Absolutely” to this question..”Would more productive skills and techniques to improve the communication process, clarity of Assignments & Authority and better execution because the employee has clarity on what they need to  be valuable?”

  • The use of these techniques for today’s multi-tasking manager we call “Delegating through the Lens of the Employee”, instantly & absolutely gets you on top of the advanced work assignment management game. Stay in control and empowered through more powerful assignment communication.
  • Be absolutely on top how to more competently describe every important assignment or project Action Step. People will be amazed…”I really have a much better grasp of exactly what I am expected to do and how it should be done”.

Super Manager Bonus #2-

“How to Layout Your Daily-Weekly Visual Action Plan and Get the Right things Done”

Sure, you can use your hard copy or computer planner and spend precious time and effort to stay on top of your weekly-daily plan…or you can lay it out quickly and check it easily all day long all on one simple view. What’s more, we designed it using the type of software most managers already use so they can modify our Visual Plan to meet their unique  needs.

  • There are specific key elements to a successful weekly-daily activity plan. If you plan them, note them and track them the right way, you will more readily achieve your goals…but only if you can VISUALIZE them easily.
  • Today’s super busy managers like yourself need to have an uncomplicated, visually easy-to-track way of “planning their work and working their plan.”
  • I could really not find a program or tool that was direct, simple and productive (I tried a bunch of them). After several years of testing, trying, editing and revising…a new very flexible concept tool emerged…The Visual Daily Manager.

Plan Projects Quickly

Experience shows this Special Bonus Offer saves you 3 – 5 valuable hours a week, reduce frustration and keep you right on point very minute of every working day!


Take one full-year to examine, learn and apply this complete program about how to master the best of management by delegation. That’s right. You have 365 days to put this one-of-a-kind program to work in your business of profession. Plan-Delegate-Manage any project and team assignment you want.

  • Test out the program and Your 2 Free Bonus Offers for yourself.
  • Implement the valuable keys to successful work management.
  • Prove to everyone that you are the Manager who gets better results.

Once you have learned the keys and techniques, mastered the skills and used our program in your everyday business life, I’m confident you’ll Never want to send it back!

That said, if you really aren’t satisfied for any reason, or our program doesn’t live up to your expectations, you will not lose one single penny. You have may absolute personal guarantee…just return the program and we will refund your entire payment right up to the final day of our 365-day guarantee!

These Keys to Successful Delegation Are Yours In Just One Easy Step

If you will simply request our program with the Click Download Button, our system will e-mail you the e-Book “How to Manage By Delegation and Get Things Done”, Plus your 2 Free Bonus Offers.

I truly want you to have the benefits of our Program and the Valuable tools and Know-how. You will:

Learn exactly how to avoid the 7 Problems caused by lack of competent delegation.

Immediately gain successful skills for potent delegation management. You have my personal assurance you will improve and perform work management at a higher level.

Receive Free Bonus #1: our reference Manual on Delegating through the Lens of the Employee

Receive Free Bonus #2: our Visual Daily Manager designed to keep laser focused on your Daily-Weekly plan of action.

All together, we believe these resources would be worth over $200 if sold separately. See how affordable it is to get the entire Management By Delegation program and You get the entire package with our 365 day Guarantee!

You will absolutely master the advanced skills and tested knowledge needed to Plan projects and assignments and lead your team. Applied in your day-to-day management, you will Delegate Productively and Manage People and the steps to successful results. Again, you have my personal guarantee.  I want you to succeed and delegate assignments for great execution.

Simply Click the Download Button below and see how easy and affordable it is to Start Delegating Effectively Now! You will immediately receive the knowledge, skills and proven tools to master management by Delegation. Your order is processed by Pay Pal, owned by E-Bay. Your order information is perfectly safe. No personal order information is ever delivered…your PayPal information is Confidential.

You Can Take An Important Step Now To Really Advance Your Skills & Performance

Great Managers Take Action…You Simply Need To Do The Same Now.


I look forward to getting a letter from you about your success with managing by more effective delegation and your growing skills and reputation for leading teams and personnel that get things done.

Contact Information:

M.D. Moore

7732 Oyster Bay Lane

Cincinnati, Ohio 45244



Mike Moore – Executive Coach

P.S. You have my personal guarantee. By applying the skills and techniques described in our program and utilizing the iDelegate daily computer based tracking Tool, you will quickly grow as a manager. Become known as an executive who executes productively and gets things done right. There are few reputations as valuable as these skills in business. If you are not completely satisfied, I will refund 100% of your purchase price – no questions asked.

P.P.S. No matter what level of experience you have today, you will become even better and gain competency in assigning work and actions steps. You will create a high-performance environment…but only if you take advantage or our Risk-free opportunity.

P.P.P.S. A number of successful managers and executives I have worked with have said…”Delegate clear and meaningful goals, be specific, learn how to communicate so employees have a complete understanding and track everything to a successful conclusion.” There is simply no integrated program like How to Manage By Delegation and Get Things Done for today’s busy, multi-tasking manager.

Besides,,,if you are not 100% satisfied with the program and how it helps you mange by delegation, simply return the program for a full refund. No questions or hassles.

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