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Management By delegation

Internet Publisher

Sharing 40+ years of business ownership and executive management experience through e-Book publications and personal and professional development programs.

Manager Mini-Series

Providing managers, supervisors, and team leaders with Power Point presentations on skills for effective management and productivity. The Mini-Series packages come with PPT, Training Guides and Trainee Outlines that can be adapted to the leaders needs at a very affordable price.

Management & Leadership Trends

Leadership and effective management go hand-in- hand. What qualities make for success in both managing and leading? Learn the latest trends and innovations by those who lead best.

Our Story

A consistent focus on personal and professional development provides our visitors and members with proven, real world, insights into the art and science of management and leadership.  We believe that successful management means getting important work done by directing the efforts of others through effective delegation. Leadership inspires the vision and energizes the team realize the dream.

  • Internet Publishing 60%
  • Manager Mini-Series 25%
  • Management and Leadership Trends 15%

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