Building Your Own Career Development Program

There are many definitions by career development professionals regarding the stages in the professional development career plan.

Understanding the Stages in Career Development

The following outline is widely used:
    Professional or occupational strength assessment,
    Development of overall career goals and objectives,
    Development of a strategy tailored to each individual (a description of the means to reach the  strategies),
    Identification of the specific means (training, mentoring, on-line and self-study), to implement the strategy,
    Systematic evaluation of the progress toward the achievement of the career development growth plan,and
    A periodic review and evaluation process with changes and modifications as needed.

Utilizing Your Own Professional Self-Development program

The self-developed program is often the right approach for many people. Your current organization may not offer training in the specific skills you need or the time table may not suit your needs or motivations.  In putting together a program you develop your self, it can be valuable to refer to any number of templates. Review the sample below for ideas on a career development template…

career planningPhoto:  / Source Google Images

Self-Assessment Career Plan GAP Analysis

When you have take the first step, making a complete assessment of where your skills and capabilities are now and where you need them to be, your focus turns to how best to fill the skills loopholes you have identified in the above step. Here we are talking about pinpointing the attributes and skills that will be required for you to advance in your abilities. These are very important to a comprehensive career development program.

For instance you might decide that you need to really develop your communication skills for speaking in front of groups and teams. You now start thinking about where and how you will locate training or a particular course in “public speaking” in order to make you much more proficient and confident in this capability.

Additional Career Development Video Resources

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